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   [email protected]         iF         7v   :@@7       BB      [email protected]    :[email protected]  :LL:            @F   [email protected]@[email protected];
    Bv         rG,[email protected]@v  UBJ         GZ       [email protected]@@[email protected]@@[email protected]                   0O    [email protected]
    @v         [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@@B:[email protected]         [email protected]        [email protected]       .             :X,    vG2i,;7
    [email protected]         [email protected]@BX:      [email protected]          .F                                     Mr      iUSi
    @B:                      ,MG:             ,                                    G7
     .                                        .

 Artist...: Bebo Norman
 Album....: Big Blue Sky
 Genre....: Christian Rock
 Year.....: 2001
 Source...: CDDA
 Tracks...: 11 files
 Size.....: 298.0MB
 Run.Time.: 46:13 min
 Rls.Date.: 04-06-2020
 Encoder..: FLAC 1.3.1 Lossless
 Quality..: 848 kbps / Avg 44.1kHz / 2 channels

      01  I Am                                  4:09
      02  Cover Me                              4:40
      03  You Surround Me                       4:32
      04  Sons and Daughters                    4:48
      05  Perhaps She'll Wait                   3:00
      06  Tip of My Heart                       4:24
      07  Underneath                            3:55
      08  Break Me Through                      5:18
      09  Big Blue Sky                          3:00
      10  All That I Have Sown                  5:18
      11  Where You Are                         3:09

                               Total Run Time : 46:13 min

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[1837F130] 00-bebo_norman-big_blue_sky-cd-flac-2001.nfo - 2.5KB
[46C996AA] 00-bebo_norman-big_blue_sky-cd-flac-2001-proof.jpg - 3.47MB
[47E38CAC] 00-bebo_norman-big_blue_sky-cd-flac-2001.m3u - 380B
[F4403F69] 00-bebo_norman-big_blue_sky-cd-flac-2001.sfv - 490B
[CB568A88] 01-bebo_norman-i_am.flac - 28.52MB
[75F3A215] 02-bebo_norman-cover_me.flac - 31.96MB
[C4C72DFE] 03-bebo_norman-you_surround_me.flac - 31.05MB
[31278B84] 04-bebo_norman-sons_and_daughters.flac - 30.89MB
[3C014DA3] 05-bebo_norman-perhaps_shell_wait.flac - 15.27MB
[4BFE6460] 06-bebo_norman-tip_of_my_heart.flac - 28.79MB
[7859F104] 07-bebo_norman-underneath.flac - 27.18MB
[0DD81378] 08-bebo_norman-break_me_through.flac - 33.46MB
[4EFC2116] 09-bebo_norman-big_blue_sky.flac - 19.02MB
[256112BD] 10-bebo_norman-all_that_i_have_sown.flac - 26.55MB
[4C00C549] 11-bebo_norman-where_you_are.flac - 11.52MB
Release Information
  • Date: 07-04-'20
  • Section: FLAC
  • Scenegroup: FLACME
  • Files: 15
  • Size: 0KB
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