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       Show: Devs
      Title: Episode 5
     Season: 1
    Episode: 5
       Type: Scripted
       Size: 755M
      Files: 8F
       Date: 2020-03-26
    Airdate: 2020-03-26
   Duration: 46 min 6 s

      Source: Web
    Encoding: x264
     Bitrate: 1 992 kb/s
Audio Format: Enhanced Audio Coding 3

Kenton pays Jamie a visit to guarantee his silence, while Katie
covertly exploits the Devs system for her own ends.

WEBRip was used as crop was required.
[8EF367FD] devs.s01e05.720p.webrip.x264-xlf.nfo - 532B
[575CCFE7] Sample/devs.s01e05.720p.webrip.x264-xlf-sample.mkv - 12.4MB
[6F6A3898] devs.s01e05.720p.webrip.x264-xlf.sfv - 376B
[97CA9E26] devs.s01e05.720p.webrip.x264-xlf.rar - 95.37MB
[A8DB5460] devs.s01e05.720p.webrip.x264-xlf.r00 - 95.37MB
[160F42AF] devs.s01e05.720p.webrip.x264-xlf.r01 - 95.37MB
[248FB78F] devs.s01e05.720p.webrip.x264-xlf.r02 - 95.37MB
[B1A9E8A2] devs.s01e05.720p.webrip.x264-xlf.r03 - 95.37MB
[F01E80ED] devs.s01e05.720p.webrip.x264-xlf.r04 - 95.37MB
[84577CF9] devs.s01e05.720p.webrip.x264-xlf.r05 - 95.37MB
[BB7C2EBC] devs.s01e05.720p.webrip.x264-xlf.r06 - 74.38MB
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